Thrice the fun

Celebrating three joint birthdays is certainly triple the fun and laughter. Without fail, it nurtures friendships, fosters togetherness and creates lasting memories among family and friends.

Mariquita Salimbangon Yeung – herself a celebrant – graciously offered her welcoming sprawling home that she lovingly shares with devoted husband Carlos Yeung, for the significant milestones of her two other bosom friends, furniture designer Nora Sol Muntuerto and industrialist Eric Ang.

With flutes filled up with perfectly chilled champagne in one hand, and a tempting irresistible canape on the other, the guests headed to the expertly-curated gardens.

The beautifully-landscaped grounds with potted blooms blooming profusely, enriched with the summer sun, were transformed into a vibrant floral garden where tables, along with floral centerpieces, complemented the whole look.

Dining al fresco offered a delightful experience, enhanced by the fabulous spread.  There were well-tossed salads, several kinds of appetizing pasta, a succulent lineup of freshest of the fresh seafood and well-selected cured meats. It all brought about symphony of flavors. Each bite was a culinary mini masterpiece, a celebration of gastronomic delight.

Three uniquely crafted cakes were ushered in. From the moment the candles were lit to the heartfelt toasts, every detail was a testament to the friendship and love shared among those present.

Filipino singer and actor Chad Borja serenaded the invitees with captivating songs that won the hearts of everyone.