A toast to ‘blooming’

The Garden Pavilion of Grand Hyatt Hotel Manila was profuse with flowers as femme power was upheld in the realm of health and wellness by young innovator and trailblazer Dr. Jaycy Violago-Olivarez, founder of Eluvo Health.

Brining her groundbreaking initiative to the fore in an afternoon of good company, Dr. Jaycy co-hosted a dynamic live talk show hosted and moderated with Stephanie Zubiri, an accessible wellness advocate, journalist, and founder of Soulful Feasts. Community leaders and women empowerment advocates, Tessa Prieto and Atty. Karen Jimeno, gave their views on pressing women’s health concerns prevalent in the country. The event opened with young ballerinas dancing into the venue as they gifted guests with flowers, a nod to the theme of the event, “In Full Bloom,” and to the significance of the word “Eluvo” (which comes from ovule—the female reproductive organ of a flower—spelled backwards).

Anton Laborte, Pablo Olivarez II, Toti Cortez