HOWLERS Manila transforms the festival experience

Last Saturday night, 21 October, OPM legend Ely Buendia and prominent Filipino bands, including Mayonnaise, Sunkissed Lola and Silent Sanctuary, took center stage at Circuit Makati from 2 p.m. to 12 a.m.

The musical lineup didn’t stop there. Rising stars such as 1st.One and Yno, along with rappers Al James, Kiyo and Flow G, added their unique flair to the event.

The explosion of diverse talent continued with girl groups like YARA, KAIA, DIONE, BLVCK FLOWERS and the iconic Sexbomb Girls.

To further amp up the party, artists like O-side Mafia, Sesco, DJ Love, Ron Poe, Katsy Lee, Alvaro, Siangyoo, Mark Thompson and Marc Marasigan brought their musical magic to the stage.

This was HOWLERS Manila, a festival that aimed to transcend the boundaries of a typical music celebration by casting as wide a musical net as possible, showcasing a dizzying spectrum of genres from pop to rock, indie to EDM and everything in between.

This eclectic lineup showcased the Philippines’ finest talents, and introduced festival-goers to tunes and artists that resonated, surprised and captivated.

But HOWLERS Manila was not just about the music. It was also about creativity, freedom and inclusivity. The festival encouraged attendees to embrace their favorite characters through cosplay at the Cosplay Kingdom. Through games and activities, individuals were allowed to express themselves, connect with kindred spirits and revel like never before.

From the spine-tingling haunted maze to the pulsating beats of the Paradise Lost stage, HOWLERS Manila offered something for everyone. Those seeking physical challenges took on the Spartan Race obstacle course, pushing their limits to new heights. Gamers, on the other hand, had their own paradise with live competitions, opportunities to explore top gaming brands and thrilling meet-and-greets that brought their gaming dreams to life.