Blythe unbothered: ‘Paint me as the villain if that makes you feel better’

Andrea Brillantes seemingly took a jab at former lover Ricci Rivero via a cryptic Instagram story where she even used the song Hasta Cuando.

“Whatever makes you feel better, paint me as the villain if that makes you feel better,” went the lyrics.

Was that Brillantes’ subtle swipe at Rivero’s recent admission that he and Los Baños, Laguna councilor Leren Mae Bautista are now a couple?

Rivero’s admission, after all, also seemingly came with its own shade.

“To the girl who i see as a real QUEEN With all the wrongs hounding me, I’m blessed to have found the right one. Allow me to shield you from things you don’t deserve,” he said of Bautista.

Hindi tayo magtatago dahil walang dapat ikahiya. Walang nang agaw at walang inagaw. Walang bibitaw dahil masaya tayong magkahawak kamay,” he added. (We will not hide because there’s nothing to be ashamed of.  No one snatched anyone away and nobody was snatched. We’re not letting go because we’re happy holding hands).

Brillantes’ fans were particularly incensed at Rivero’s next lines: “I promise to never again live a life manipulated by someone’s fantasy. This is our story, hindi dapat iba ang mag kwento ng storya nating dalawa!” (No one else should tell our story!)

Months ago, Bautista’s camp vehemently denied any budding romance between the Laguna councilor and the popular basketball player, saying that “the recent outreach activity in which Councilor Leren participated with Ricci Rivero is not an indication of a romantic relationship between them. The event was organized as part of Councilor Leren’s ongoing efforts to serve the people and contribute to the welfare of her community.”

Now, Bautista is being bashed on social media for admitting to the relationship. But she’s not staying meek. To a netizen who commented, “So lumabas na yung truth (So the truth came out). Meaning you’re a liar,” she responded: “This is so simple. We already explained ourselves and told the truth. Now, if you still wanna push your version of the story, them don’t ask us anymore. You can answer your own questions and get the answer you want. Period. God Bless.”

The netizen, unperturbed, said, “The truth is inagawan mo si Andrea Brillantes, tama ba?” (You took him away from Andrea Brillantes, right?)

An exasperated Bautista retorted, “Don’t ask me, ask her. Kaya lang di ka naman mapapansin, kaya dito ka nagpapapansin” (But she won’t notice you, that’s why you’re making a scene here).

Robby Tarroza’s Francis M-Pia bombshell



Former That’s Entertainment member Robby Tarroza shocked everyone with his recent claim that the late master rapper Francis Magalona was never married to his wife Pia.

This came right on the heels of one Abigail Rait’s revelation that she had a clandestine romance with Francis M that bore a love child, now 15-year-old Francesca.

In a long aria on his Facebook account, Tarroza wrote:

(Verbatim) “WALA KASI TAYONG DIVORCE SA PILIPINAS!!!! But even with kasal, ang tanong, WAS KIKO MARRIED TO PIA???! No, she was married to another guy with last name Lim and they had a son, Niccolo and daughter Unna. Who many of us knew this! Pia huwag ka magpabiktima! grabe ka! No one broke up your marriage dear! You were never married in the Philippines!”

Tarroza said he first met Francis through his album producer in 1992, Larry Scott.

“We ran into Francis at a recording studio owned by Jose Mari Gonzalez. father of both Ana Margarita Gonzalez and Cristina Gonzales Romualdez. Right away, Kiko (Francis) and I hit it off. He always went out of his way to say hi to me,” he said.

Tarroza said when he and his ex began producing concerts in the Philippines and Japan, Francis was among the talents they hired.

In 2007, he recalled Francis telling him that “he was done with Pia and left her. He told me he couldn’t take it anymore. All the fights and bugbugan nila. ‘Yung ugali daw ni Pia nakakasira ng utak. He said he now has peace.”

When they met again a few months later, “he mentioned he was with another woman who is totally the opposite sa ugali ni Pia,” adding “ang sarap pala ng ganitong ‘real love’ Robski.”

“Francis and I kept in touch and I vowed to keep everything between us. I never had the chance to meet this girl he loved so much. Maybe one day I will, both her and Francis’s love child. Yes, love child because she was conceived by real love. Francis wants the world to know about her. I’m sure he does,” he said.

With this, he warned the bashers.

“So for all you judgmental people that did not know the real story, Francis and Pia were already separated before he got into this amazing relationship. He deserved to experience real love at least once in his lifetime,” said Tarroza.

“I know Kiko is watching all this and he knows what he wants for his children, all his children. ‘Di ba, mga kababayan ko?!!!!,” he concluded.

Looks like this newly unearthed controversy over Francis M’s past, whether true or not, isn’t over yet.