Honoring dance luminary Shirley Halili-Cruz

A fortnight, a splendid celebration unfolded at Shirley Halili Cruz’s lovely residence in Heroes Hill, Quezon City, as she marked her 65th birthday. The evening was resplendent with the harmonious melodies of music and the heartwarming presence of cherished friends and loved ones.

Jorge Hizon, Shirley Halili Cruz, Bonnie Weinstein, Patty Jalbuena, Frieda Hizon and Harley Licup.


Shirley’s profound contributions to the realm of dance are truly exceptional. In her role as the chairperson of the NCCA (or the National Commission for Culture and the Arts) National Committee on Dance and as the visionary founder of the Halili-Cruz School of Dance, she has, through her unwavering dedication and fervor for the art of dance, enriched the lives of numerous individuals.

The guests, among whom was social observer Jorge Hizon, who shared with me these photos, were undeniably captivated by the enchanting performances of renowned singers, Dulce, Pinky Marquez and Raymond Gorospe. Their soul-stirring voices added an enchanting dimension to the evening’s festivities.

Further elevating the festive spirit was the exhilarating music of the Marcy David Band, compelling everyone to rise to their feet and revel in the joyous rhythm.

On this momentous occasion, we celebrate not only the remarkable 65 years of Shirley’s life but also her extraordinary achievements and the profound happiness she has bestowed upon countless hearts. May this new chapter be filled with even greater happiness, robust health and enduring success.

Happy Birthday, Shirley!