Florendo pays homage to nature in 24th show


Angelito “Jo” Florendo, an artist known for his paintings of kois and scenic landscapes, mounts his 24th solo show at SM Megamall’s Art Center, which will run from 23 April to 2 May.

More than three dozen of his works are featured in the exhibit titled The Light and Beauty in Nature.

These works include his koi series and the colorful, dreamy landscapes inspired by the Sierra Madre Mountain Range which runs through the province of Rizal, where he resides.

‘Blessed Morning’ (2024).

Born in Bicol but of Tagalog and Ilocano ethnicities, his works are characterized by his use of vibrant, engaging colors which easily catch the attention of their viewers. His koi paintings follow certain swirls and movements which according to him are fortuitous and promotes positivism amid a troubled world.

Florendo’s landscapes are often backgrounded by the aforementioned mountain range, an iconic typhoon arrester located at the eastern coast of Luzon which is rich in biodiversity.

‘Salamin ng Kalikasan’ (2024).

Just like the Sierra Madre, Florendo’s works are as vibrant, sundry and full of hope. He is a prolific visual artist whose pursuits have already led him to success. He loves plein air sessions which exposes him further to the beauty of nature, giving him more inspirations to paint and execute his own brand of art.

He is a realist, capturing and, at times, amplifying his subjects in terms of color and feel, to present something that is both entrancing and arresting. His love for nature he executes vividly and with a distinct Florendo touch of his preferred colors and hues.

‘A-Koi Swerte’ (2024).

For all the prosperity and accolades he already got due to his art, Florendo remains to be grounded and continues to produce works that pay homage to the “light and beauty of nature.”