CAM LAGMAY is new Miss Universe Quezon City

Miss Universe Philippines – Quezon City Organization announced on Sunday evening the appointment of Cam Lagmay as the new MUPH Quezon City.

Below is the official announcement of Lagmay’s appointment.

“When you’re meant for greatness, even the universe conspires to make it happen.

We are thrilled to announce that Cam Lagmay has been crowned as the new Miss Universe Philippines – Quezon City. Her journey is going to be a testament on how hard work, determination, and drive can make dreams come true.

As a young girl, she believed that she was destined for greatness. Her family lineage boasts of having the first female Philippine senator and a National Scientist of the Philippines. However, while she was determined to follow their footsteps, she had a different approach in mind. She dreamt of becoming a beauty queen who could inspire people to reach their full potential when they take care of themselves and others.

With this mindset and goal, she was able to successfully lead as Captain the esteemed UP Pep Squad, the Philippine National Cheerleading Team, and, eventually, her #TrainWithCam global CAMmunity.

Now, she’s more than ready to showcase this positivity to the universe — championing LOVE FOR ALL that starts when you CAM back to loving yourself first.

To Cam Lagmay, thank you for taking on this journey to represent Quezon City. Your strength and commitment to your cause is truly inspiring, reminding us that stars light the universe not just by shining independently, but when they shine together in one sky. Your MUPhQC sisters and family stands by you!”