Young artists from Samar take centerstage in ARTablado

‘Katapos San Klase’ by Jes Casalijay.

Baghid group.

Since 2020, Robinsons Land has been supporting talented Filipino artists through ARTablado, giving them space and support so they could showcase their work. 

ARTablado, a portmanteau of the words “art” and “entablado” (stage), can be found in Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Antipolo.

This time, ARTablado shines the spotlight on young artists from Samar, particularly the Baghid Eastern Visayas Young Visual Arts Association. 

‘Always Believe in Yourself’ by Ricky Orquin.

Founded by visual artist Aristole “Aris” Ventures, the group is composed of his former students and graduates from Calbayog Arts and Design School of Eastern Visayas (CADSEV) and is named after baghid, the Waray word for “stroke” — as in the movement of a pen, pencil or brush when drawing and painting. 

Ventures formed the group as a way to help his students continue pursuing their passion for art even after he left his post as their teacher. The group’s goal is to create a path for young and aspiring artists to explore, create and be exposed in the art industry.

“I find opportunities for them to showcase their art on the national level to give them hope as young artists,” he said. 

‘Baligya’ by Jan Anthony Judloman.

Baghid Eastern Visayas Young Visual Arts Association previously had exhibits in Eastern Visayas, Baguio and Angono, Rizal. With Ventures’ guidance, Baghid artists have also won awards at various art competitions. Their artworks will be on display in ARTablado Robinsons Antipolo from 16 to 31 March.

Ventures said, “We chose to do this exhibit in ARTablado because we believe in the program and in their quest to uplift artists and give them the chance to become known in the field of visual arts. Thank you, Robinsons. Thank you, ARTablado.”

‘Environmental Sanctuary’ by Aris Ventures.

The group exhibit, called “Nahigaraan,” explores the traditions and customs that have shaped the lives and the identity of Samarnon youth. “Nahigaraan” is the Waray word for nakasanayan (used to). 

Participating artists from Baghid include Angelica Bonguit, Cedric Capistrano, Jes Casalijay, Arvin delos Santos, John Paul Endiza, Yncar Jane Jubasan, Jan Anthony Judloman, Kurt Denver Bautista Lamparas, Jude Vincent Lapinid, Mea Lineth Mifania, Christina Mike Dublin Meno, Myles Sheldon Olano, Mary Jane Orquin, Ricky Orquin, Ariel George “Gio” Romana, Aris Ventures and Maris “Paint” Ventures.

‘Daing ng Buhay 1 Daba’ by Myles Sheldon Olano.

In their artworks, the artists tread the past and reconcile it with the present, navigating the rich tapestry of traditions, practices and cultural nuances through their artistic lens. From vibrant fiestas to quiet moments of introspection, each piece is a testament to the resilience and creativity of the young artists from Samar.

“Nahigaraan” is not just a nostalgic journey but a celebration of the dynamic interplay between tradition and modernity.

Jan Anthony Judloman, one of the artists featured in the exhibit, said, “Through our art, we give value to where we came from. We hope that our work will bring inspiration, expand awareness and give joy to those who will see it in ARTablado.”