To the women of Muntinlupa, she is GAD.

PhotoGRAPHS courtesy of Muntinlupa City

Catherine Mary “Trina” Reyes Biazon, head of Gender and Development of Muntinlupa, could not be any more passionate when she gave a talk on how the “Emerald City” that her husband, Mayor Ruffy Biazon, leads, continues to help women become self-reliant.

In a detailed speech before a full audience of micro, small and medium business owners, mostly women, during the Daily Tribune’s inaugural Asian Innovation Forum at the Bellevue Manila on 9 May, Mrs. Biazon laid out accomplishments, strategies and plans to further women’s economic empowerment.

Among others, Muntinlupa facilitates various locally-viable skills livelihood activities for women all year round, helps them start their own livelihood and sustain these with constant training, promotion and support.

Kudos to Muntinlupa for its sustainable vision for more empowered women!

PhotoGRAPHS courtesy of Muntinlupa City