Engkanto Brewery: Enchanting Filipinos with local craft beer

Local craft beer Engkanto Brewery has raised a high bar for the rapidly expanding craft beer industry.

Established in 2017, it was given the name Engkanto in honor of a mythical creature with the power to captivate people. True to its ethereal moniker, the beer, thus, enchanted Filipinos.

Ian Paradies, president and founder of the brewery, aims to make the craft beer accessible to everyone using only the finest ingredients.

In an interview with the Daily Tribune, Ricard Basora, Engkanto Brewery’s managing director, said that Paradies’ enthusiasm for beer and drive to make a beer exclusively for the Filipino taste sent him on a journey around the world.

“Our founder studied in the United States. He’s a beer lover,” he said.

ricard Basora

When he returned to the Philippines, he noticed that San Miguel Beer was the only option available. Basora admitted that San Miguel Beer dominates the market and “Filipinos never had a chance, never had the choice.”

This inspired Paradies to start Engkanto Brewery. From that point forward, a team was made with the hiring of Michael “MJ” Jordan as head brewmaster.

The local brewery sets itself apart from the others by deciding to use four primary ingredients — water, grain, yeast and hops.

Engkanto beers don’t include any fillers, adjuncts or additional chemicals, unlike many other internationally beer brands.

Besides describing its background and humble beginnings, Basora also introduced to Pairfect hosts their award-winning craft beers and some of its new brews.

First is the Live It Up Lager, a crisp and refreshing drink with a tropical profile of fruity, citrusy notes. As described by Basora, it has a delicate and pure flavor that makes it “the perfect beer to be in the sun.”

The High Hive honey ale is a beer with a honey flavor that is prepared from raw honey from Baguio and Bukidnon. The brewery’s new creation was entered in the World’s Best competition in August 2022 after winning the highly prized Gold Medal and Country Winner titles.


Ian Paradies’ enthusiasm for beer and drive to make a beer exclusively for the Filipino taste sent him on a journey around the world.


engkanto craft beer.


For those who enjoy mangoes, Engkanto Brewery provides a Hazy IPA that has a well-balanced bitterness and is brewed using premium mangoes from the Philippines.

Green Lava is a big Double IPA that’s not holding anything back. Since it is the most complex and developed beer, it is also the most costly, according to Basora.

Finally, the new seasonal and limited edition Pale Ale is a sublimely balanced, hop-forward beer that oozes tropical and citrus notes from Cryo Pop hops.

The brewery’s latest seasonal and limited-edition Pale Ale, which exudes tropical and citrus aromas from Cryo Pop hops, is a perfectly balanced, hop-forward beer.

Basora proudly explained that the varying levels of sweetness and smoothness in Engkanto beers have drawn in many people who were originally non-beer drinkers.

He recommended the High Hive Honey Ale and the Live It Up Lager as the “gateway beers” for people who want to try their offerings.

Visit the Engkanto Brewery’s website, engkanto.com.ph, or follow them on Instagram at

@engkantobrewery to learn more.