Why waste so much energy?

Just how important is energy efficiency to society?

Presently, emissions of greenhouse gases adversely affect the planet and humankind. According to Natural Resources Defense Council, one of the leading contributors to emissions of greenhouse gases are home appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators.

All sorts of appliances — motor type, heating type, or a combination of both convert electricity to energy which increases the outflow of greenhouse gases that prevent heat from escaping the atmosphere of the Earth.

Simply put, the more energy produced and consumed, the more at risk the planet would be of global warming. Panasonic targets to alleviate climate change caused by these and prioritize global environmental issues with the campaign Panasonic Green Impact.

Panasonic Green Impact aims to reduce the huge amount of CO2 emissions associated with Panasonic Group, with the initiatives to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions of all operating companies by 2030, reduce CO2 emissions of customers using Panasonic products, and accelerate the transition to clean energy, and one of the brand’s solutions is to offer regular consumers and families a way to contribute to this cause by choosing energy-efficient appliances.

With Panasonic Premium Inverter Air Conditioners, utilization of energy-efficiency is assured. These make use of ECO Mode with AI, which intelligently balances energy savings as it efficiently cools your room based on the amount of heat load contained.

It also finds the perfect ECO balance between power consumption and time taken to reach the desired temperature to maintain a consumer’s comfort with minimal energy waste, saving up to 20 percent of energy savings.

On top of this, Panasonic also uses Inverter Technology which regulates the electric power linearly in accordance with room conditions to achieve comfortable and energy-saving operations.

Additionally, Panasonic uses R32 refrigerant which reduces energy waste, helps lessen environmental footprint, and is cost-effective.

R32 refrigerant has higher cooling capacity, unlike commonly used refrigerants in air conditioning systems that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and ozone depletion — thereby increasing heat transfer efficiency.

It also has zero Ozone Depletion Potential, thus helping alleviate global warming — making it eco-friendly.

Aside from mitigating the emission of greenhouse gases, energy-efficient appliances also help consumers save money by reducing their energy bills at home. By lowering the cost in every household, energy-efficiency helps the economy by stabilizing electricity prices and volatility.