Modern rituals

In the world of beauty, the search for the ultimate skin and body products seems like an epic quest for the holy grail. Year after year, with the changing of the seasons, new brands rise to the forefront to present what they think is relatively the new in beauty.

In the Philippines, renaissance woman Hindy Weber Tantoco once again adds a feather in her cap. This modest multi-hyphenated artist is an ethical fashion designer, biodynamic farmer and holistic wellness advocate all rolled into one who recently launched late last year Hindy Weber Bath and Beauty — a line of ethically produced and sourced products formed to cleanse, nourish and revitalize the body and give the best in everyday personal care.

The genius behind the sustainable household fashion ready-to-wear brand, Hindy Weber Every.Day, has again gained another crowning achievement as she promotes and exemplifies a conscious lifestyle. Always ahead of the pack, this time she has taken a step into the business of beauty, bath, body and wellness.

Hindy says, “I am devoted to the healing power of bath rituals. Matagal na but only a year ago when I was studying water and hydration did I realize that it’s not just the water we drink that’s important, but also the water we bathe in.”

The concept of care goes beyond the topical understanding of beauty and wellness. “I formulated these with the safest ingredients and most luxurious essential oils,” says Hindy. The best would mean not scrimping on quality ingredients and looking at everything under a microscope.

“I wanted only the best bath products for myself and family,” she adds.

Hindy Weber Bath and Body is premium or something closely bespoke but so practically affordable. Designer-made products are generally quite pricey but this one is consciously accessible and inclusive, making it available to all. The product range includes essential oil roll-on, space & face mist, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and repellant, with practical, price range from P395 to P895.

But what sets them apart from their contemporaries is the strict standards and attention to details. “I check each ingredient for level of safety, while at the same time trying to ensure it does not sacrifice its benefits to the hair and skin. I also avoid using seed oils that cause inflammation,” Hindy shares.

Living in the now, it’s not far for Hindy’s visionary dream to come true. A not-so-distant future where there will be a world where her Every.Day Bath and Body will have its own concept — Bath House, Wellness Center, fashion lifestyle boutique and cafe. A noteworthy feel-good sanctuary of everyday rituals to celebrate beauty, body and soul.

Hindy Weber Every.Day Bath & Beauty is available on IG and at /