Vergaras host fellow Novo Ecijanos at the Manila Polo Club

The 7th Fellowship of Circulo Novo Ecijano hosted by the Vergara Family at the Manila Polo Club on 6 September was a big success. The hosts were former

EDITH Nolledo and Henry Ortiz.
Cora Claudio, Marivel Carandang, Fanny Blanco, Nori Deus, Fortune Ledesma and Anna Sobrepena.
NORI Deus and Onie Mallari.

three-term Mayor and now Vice-Mayor Jay Vergara, Rep. Ria Vergara, Cabanatuan City Mayor Myca Vergara and Manila Polo Club president Bernard Vergara.

TESS Laus, Marivel Carandang, Margie Ortiz Luis, Jun and Raquel Sta. Ines, Nonie and Bert Basilio.
(From left) Dr. Bing Joson, Fanny Blanco, Producer Bank owner Andy Cornejo, Marivel Carandang, Manila Polo Club president Bernie Vergara, Joseph and Mona Gallego, former Cabanatuan City three-term Mayor and now Vice Mayor Jay Vergara and Onie Mallari.
JOBY Gatan and Rep. Mark Cojuangco.

It was a well- attended affair  with 150 attendees. Notable Novo Ecijanos who graced the occasion were: Rep. Mark Cojuangco, CPA/Lawyer Edith Santiago Nolledo, PCCI and Phil- Export’s Sergio Ortiz Luis Jr.,  Producer’s Bank chairman Andres Cornejo, former PCCI president/Phil Stock Exchange chairman José “Titoy” Pardo, Laus Group of Companies’ Tess Laus, PCCI chairman, FRANCORP CEO and publisher Alegria “Bing” Limjoco, Rep. Rodolfo Ordanez from Aliaga, former Rep. Julita Lorenzo Villareal, former Rep. Renato Diaz, Raymund Moreno, among many accomplished others.

MAYOR Myca Vergara, Cora Claudio, Marivel Carandang, Vice Mayor Jay, Charito Mallari and Nene Aguilar.
MARIVEL Carandang, Sergio Ortiz Luis Jr., Fanny Blanco, Raymond Moreno, Maricel Pangilinan Arenas (Sen. Kiko Pangilinan’s sister), Manila Polo Club president Bernie Vergara, Philippine Stock Exchange chairman Jose Pardo, Marlyn Pardo, PCCI director Nina Mangio, PCCI past president and now FRANCORP chair Bing Limjoco.
ONIE Mallari, Mona and Joseph Gallego, Cabanatuan City Mayor Myca Vergara and Nori Deus.

Fanny Blanco, Fortune Ledesma and yours truly were overjoyed that more sponsors have signified their intentions to host the succeeding fellowships, among them, Bert Lina, Chairman of the Lina Group of Companies; Alice Eduardo, president of Sta. Elena Construction; and Rep. Mark Cojuangco once again.

Initial sponsors were Josephine Venturina Yu, Francis Chua, Rep. Mark Cojuangco, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija Mayor Ramil Rivera and Oscar Violago.