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It’s time to entertain your various inquiries on matters that cover dieting, anti-aging and basic lifestyle tips to live by.

Here they are:

Q: Could you recommend a gentle diet plan for me? I am a 61-year-old woman who is concerned about her unexplained weight gain.
As a woman enters her senior years, hormone levels are expected to decline. Before embarking on a diet plan, I would suggest the following:

• Have a medical check-up.

• Your doctor will be able to address your immediate concerns.

• See an endocrinologist.

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MINIMIZE alcohol intake.

A simple blood test will determine your hormone levels of estrogen, thyroid, testosterone, cortisol and progesterone.
In truth, I have seen women lose weight just by improving the status of their hormones. Meanwhile, you can watch your diet by:

• Eating healthy

•Cutting back on your sugar consumption

• Minimizing alcohol intake

• Exercising regularly

• Getting adequate sleep

• Hydrating properly

• Managing stress levels

• Getting enough sleep

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STRETCHING improves athletic performance.

Q: What would you recommend for my 21-year-old son who has an acne problem?

If your son does not like eating vegetables and prefers fast food, chances are, he could have a nutritional deficiency. A visit to your dermatologist will determine the quality of his complexion.

Although it may be possible that his condition could also be hormonal. Basically, you can consider giving him the following:

• Vitamins A, B, C, D and E

• Zinc

• DIM (DIINDOLYLMETHANE) Note: Nutrients from veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, kale and cabbage

• Probiotics

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MAINTAIN a healthy diet.

Q: Please recommend a basic exercise plan for adults.

The regimen is simply a combination of cardio, weight training, stretching and flexibility. This plan would be ideal:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Cardio with resistance training

Tuesday and Thursday: Pilates

Saturday: Swimming, Ballroom Dancing

Sunday: Early morning power walk, yoga or tai chi

If you can enroll in a gym, then even better for you and your fitness journey.

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Love and light!