Vania Romoff’s graceful crescendo to a vibrant style series

Four glamorous days brimmed with a harmonious clash of styles that once danced on coffee-stained pages through finely honed pencils. Fueled by a late-night rush of ideas, these diverse visions later formed show-stopping looks that electrified the catwalk of the BYS Fashion Week 2023.

On those heady days, fashion podiums saw maximalist, hot neon, avant-garde looks pieced together by contemporary clothing line HA.MU; intricate, form-elevating body suits by Rafa Worldwide; sleek silhouettes in crisp blazers and body fit dresses by Chris Nick; pristine and luminous takes on sensual elegance by Neric Beltran; and chic vibrant, flowy gowns by Cheetah Rivera.

But everything good must come to an end, and the four-day affair with today’s trendsetting looks wrapped up in a runway spectacle that redefined femininity to divine proportions heralded by widely celebrated designer Vania Romoff’s “Woman.”

The 40-piece collection was a testament of the taste and grandeur that a Filipina can effortlessly command, destined to resonate across both local and global fashion stages.

Opting for a venue and setup deserving of such a sartorial collection, Romoff’s show departed from convention as the event was held in a rather unlikely but fitting space – the De Jesus Oval in BGC.

To transform the empty grass lot into a scene reminiscent of a garden wedding straight out of the 2004 movie Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, the space was dressed up in predominantly white floral embellishments and woodwork set against a backdrop of lush greeneries – creating the perfect canvas for the awaited pieces.

As the sound of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” started enveloping the venue, guests witnessed an entourage of dresses fitting for a modern woman. Oversized cotton shirts with puffy sleeves proportioned with voluminous, high-waist pleated skirts – a minimal look still guaranteed to make you stand out.

Another set saw chic ruches made of finely woven tulle with well-measured folds that gracefully embraced the wearer’s form, preserving the dress’ elegant purpose. Also, what else accentuates the allure of womanhood than top-quality satin that gently drapes over the wearer’s skin, bestowing comfort while exuding undeniable charm?  Vania Romoff made this vividly evident in her clean and smooth satin pieces that flowed and ebbed in strategic folds and furls. Earth tones and neutrals of white and black rules this dreamy parade.

The conclusion of this year’s BYS Fashion Week was truly a unique experience as it wrapped up a loud, diverse, eclectic yet appealing show with a rather gentle and graceful crescendo that Vania Romoff impeccably executed.