Finding Beauty in Imperfection

A paper clip is enough to spark the imagination of jeweler and industrial designer Kristine Dee, whose latest collection gives a twist to everyday objects. “This collection is a play on asymmetries using everyday objects,” she explains.


Kristine Dee.


Off-kilter compositions

Dee’s latest collection is filled with mesmerizing gemstones that she meticulously selected to enhance the asymmetrical narrative.

Emeralds evoke nature’s tranquility, blue sapphires mirror the depths of the ocean’s mysteries, rubies offer a glimpse of passion and intensity, and pearls bring a touch of classic elegance. Of course, diamonds will always be the highlight as it represents the ultimate symbol of sophistication. Special-cut peridots and aquamarines are a must for Dee, “for their unique color and cutting, as these are my birthstones and my son’s as well.”

With every piece, the essence of asymmetry shines through, sparking connections between the unconventional and the timeless. Everything is done by hand and in limited quantities.

“Notice that the stones and details are not symmetrical. Though when arranged in a certain way, such as how we did, the medley comes out beautiful, harmonious and truly like no other,” says Dee.

It’s a journey that invites the wearer to engage with the irregular to appreciate the unusual, and to discover the beauty of the unexpected.

“On a deeper level, asymmetries are life’s surprises and imperfections because of the wisdom it imparts — that life doesn’t have to be perfect. They bring out the best in each person, given their individual experiences and challenges, yet still making one beautiful and whole.”

With every piece, the essence of asymmetry shines through, sparking connections between the unconventional and the timeless.

This 70-piece collection features mini collections such as the “Enchanted Book of Zodiacs” where one gets to tell their own stories that can be engraved in the book. Each book pendant comes in stones of pink or black mother of pearl, malachite, lapis lazuli and turquoise.

Each piece is not merely an adornment but a living story. “Key pieces are the Meghan Necklace, Amity, Charlize, Dawn, Laurene, Mavi and Era bangles, Ivonne, Fern, Maddie and Eileen cuffs, and Azley, Celia, Devon and Eunice asymmetric rings, as well as the Estrella, Demi, Jonna and Carolina earrings inspired by objects like paper clips and staplers,” recommends Dee.


‘Cross for Hope’

Another jewelry piece to check out is Dee’s collaboration with Emmeline Aglipay Villar for Hope for Lupus, a foundation she put up seven years ago with a current number of 7,400 members nationwide.

The two ladies came up with the Cross for Hope—a cross made from pink mother of pearl adorned with freshwater pearls and diamonds set in 14k gold.  “It symbolizes faith. Faith is one thing we need as we put our trust and confidence in Him for the greater good,” Dee explains.

“Our lupus warriors have been through so many trials and struggles. It is our faith that has given us hope and has kept us strong in spirit and fighting through all these challenges. The Cross of Hope is a reminder that our hope is in the Lord and our strength comes from Him,” adds Villar.

Available for preorder and priced at P23,500, 100 percent of the profits from the Cross for Hope sale will go to the Foundation.

“Hope for Lupus Foundation has helped thousands of lupus patients and their families through medical and financial assistance, and wellness and livelihood projects,” Em adds. “We are also conducting continuous information and education activities to increase awareness about lupus and its symptoms, for early detection of those who are undiagnosed and for prevention.”

“Em (Villar) aligns with the values that Kristine Dee Jewellery upholds — intelligence, distinction, elegance and compassion. It is my honor to support Em’s Hope for Lupus Foundation.” adds Dee.

Find Kristine Dee on Instagram: @kristinedeejewellery and One McKinley Place, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.