Underground artists at Rekta Sa Kalye Music Festival this 18 November

The unflagging support of Filipinos for the local underground music scene, from small gigs to concert grounds, has played a key factor in how OPM has proudly raised up-and-coming artists to the mainstream limelight.

Take Rekta sa Kalye — a team of underground artists who built a movement out of a passion to support each other as underground local hip-hop performers.

Rekta sa Kalye began in the bustling streets of Edsa in 2017. The movement grew throughout Metro Manila, from one point to another, establishing networks built on a shared interest in the underground hip-hop community. The growing connections eventually reached artists from the surrounding regions.

Aside from the busking streets, Rekta has explored all the fun sides of their humble beginnings. With just a portable speaker and worn-out instruments, Rekta sa Kalye artists would sneak into train stations and perform.

Pinoy hip-hop sensation Al James, whose songs “Pahinga” and “Pa-Umaga” are staples of late-night parties, got his first exposure at Rekta sa Kalye’s busking sessions. Likewise other artists such as Because, Just Hush and Kiyo, and even Hip-hop forerunner and rap legend Gloc9.

This November, the Rekta sa Kalye Music Festival aims to bring together 30,000 attendees to revel in the diversity of Filipino music, from mainstream to hip-hop.

“We are hoping that we can give the people the show they deserve, to bridge the gap of hip-hop and rock and give the people that diversity and soul behind the movement,” said organizers Droppout, Mong Feliciano and Bertsan Balanay.

For as low as P688, attendees can enjoy up to 30 artists performing on 18 November at the CCP Concert Grounds, among them OPM giants Rico Blanco, Parokya ni Edgar, Mayonnaise and Sandwich.

Also appearing are December Avenue, Silent Sanctuary, Nobita, Dilaw, Lola Amour, Zild, Franco, Urbandub, Mira and Dong Abay Music Organization, plus Rekta sa Kalye OGs Al James, Loonie, Just Hush and Because, plus up-and-coming artists and underground performers Allison Shore, Waiian, 1096 Gang, O$ide Mafia, YB Neet, Tu$ Brother$, and CK YG, Zae and Madd Mark.

Hundred Percent x Rekta sa Kalye limited-edition collaboration sneakers are currently up for grabs with a purchase of an early-bird VIP ticket for P4,388.

For tickets, visit https://rektasakalye.com/  or the Official Rekta sa Kalye Facebook page.