Culinary marvel from Taiwan makes grand debut in Phl

Odiva Pork, a harmonious blend of “selective breeding, 270 days of aging and high-quality fat,” is set to redefine the standards of culinary excellence in the Philippines.

Taste and quality are to be expected from Taiwan’s Pinpu Black Pig.

Produced with precision and care, Odiva seamlessly blends tradition and modern technology, introducing a microchip tagging system for health monitoring and QR codes for complete product traceability. Each aspect of Odiva Pork reflects a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every bite is a symphony of flavors.

Sustainability lies at the core of Odiva’s ethos, with a vision that extends beyond exquisite dining.

The brand envisions establishing an “Advanced Green Energy Farm” and pioneering global pork exportation while upholding a steadfast commitment to sustainable farming practices.

In an exclusive press conference, Vincent Chang, a representative of Odiva, shed light on the measures taken to ensure animal welfare in Odiva Pork production. Vincent emphasized that, in adherence to Taiwan’s laws and the absence of African swine fever, centralized indoor management is essential. 

Odiva places a strong emphasis on animal welfare, providing an open-air breeding environment for piglets and dedicated air-conditioned spaces for sows in need of nutrition and rest.

Vincent explained, “We adopt open-air breeding, so the piglets can see the sun and enjoy the breeze of wind. When the sows need nutrition and rest, we will provide them with a 24-hour air-conditioned room to let them have a good rest. As for the nutrients they need, we use really high-end human food grade feed. The space in the breeding room is also twice that of ordinary operators, so we attach great importance to animal welfare.”

Delving into what makes Odiva’s “Pinpu Pork” unique, Chang highlighted to the DAILY TRIBUNE the even distribution of oil in the meat, resulting in a beautiful marble texture. Named after the aboriginal race that originally inhabited ancient Taiwan, Pinpu pigs are a testament to Taiwanese heritage.

Vincent emphasized the scientific analysis conducted to prove the nutritional value and unique taste of the oil, attributing it to good sources, meticulous care and extraordinary technology.

Odiva Pork, with its commitment to heritage preservation, innovative breeding practices and dedication to eco-friendly farming, emerges as a symbol of culinary excellence in the Philippines. 

As it makes its grand debut, Odiva invites food enthusiasts to savor the unparalleled taste of its meticulously crafted pork, a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity.