True Filipino fiesta and music

Coca-Cola Philippines recently brought together thousands of Filipinos at their historic and grandest event yet — the #CokeKAINation.

The Mall of Asia’s open spaces were transformed into a sizable picnic area, complete with hundreds of picnic tables bedecked with assorted Pinoy delicacies. There were endless glasses of ice-cold Coca-Cola for everyone to enjoy — a true Pinoy feast.

More than 3,000 food lovers and fun-loving individuals came for the salu-salo, exchanging stories and making memories. Rising P-pop girl group BINI and performers Darren Espanto and Sam Concepcion graced the occasion with electrifying performances. Small Laude and Ninong Ry, two renowned influencers who are big lovers of salu-salos and Coke, were also present.

The celebration marked Coca-Cola’s 111 years of being a staple of every Filipino family’s lunch. No matter how little the moment, Coca-Cola reaffirmed its commitment to making mealtimes magical for all Filipinos at this salu-salo.

“The love for food and experiences is something that’s always been strongly present in Filipinos, especially in today’s youth. At Coca-Cola, we understand that many of our Gen Z Pinoys wish to share these moments with other people. And with #CokeKAINation, we combine all their different interests into one immersive experience full of food, music and amazing activities — like the classic Pinoy fiesta we all love,” said Adrian Manlapig, Coca-Cola Philippines marketing manager.

The #CokeKAINation is part of the “Coke is Cooking” meals experience platform that the beverage company is introducing to the world. The #CokeKAINation, the first global meals platform, uses the various consumer passion points, including food, music and entertainment, to connect and engage with their consumers on a deeper level. It aims to celebrate the rich food culture and improve people’s dining experiences in various parts of the world.

From restaurants to food stalls, Coca-Cola has surely unlocked the magic behind enjoying any kind of meal — and that is by pairing it with an ice-cold, thirst-quenching drink and in the company of friends and family. Coca-Cola Philippines looks forward to sharing more magical meal moments with Filipinos for many more years to come.