A multifaceted life

Seventy-five is a number of great significance, which is why people who have reached this stage always have a celebratory mode.

Only a few are given the rare experience to be 75.  In morbidity statistics, people of lesser tenacity do not even reach the golden era of life, much more the diamond age.

For us, 75 connotes more than a ripe age. It constitutes a wealth of experience and a plethora of wisdom.

At 75, one has already achieved more than he could ever dream of.  For some, it’s an age where learning has not stopped, where wisdom comes of age and where sound decisions have been made.

Seventy-five is about tenacity. Whoever reaches this age must have weathered all storms, sailed through the waves of life and bended on windy seasons. If lessons were to be learned, they would have to be how to be strong in the midst of trials, how to rule with ease and how to be calm in turbulent times.

At 75, one’s excursion to life is viewed with generous perspective, panning on what today gives and with hope eyed for the future.

A 75-year-old person tends to look at life with a peaceful countenance. He is no longer racing against time. He has stopped competing, just enjoying what all the days would give.

At 75, you become focused more on healthy activities and improving your physical wellness. So, outdoor activities appeal to you more than ever. You jog, you walk, you swim, you trek, you see more time with friends and family.

Seventy-five also means spending more time with your family, enjoying quality time with your children and grandchildren. Happy occasions like birthdays always fill up good memories.  Even simple bantering matters to you.

At 75, you become active in social activities as you busy yourself attending them. Being a member of a club communities makes you feel wanted and needed and resuscitates your passion to be in the inner wheel of things you enjoy doing.

At 75, you become more emotional, unwittingly or wittingly wishing more attention, more love, more care.

At this age, you also enjoy a trip down memory lane. In your free time, you browse through a lot of photo albums which immortalized great moments of your past life. You want to relive those memories which linger in your mind, making wishful thinking in the process.

It is at this age where you also feel grateful, successful and peaceful.

Lastly, at 75, priorities change. Since you’re no longer a spring chicken, you avoid strenuous activities. You enjoy life at peace and you don’t like any noise. You have a better appreciation of things. Your perspective of things around you changes. You eat in moderation as you value your health more than anything. You learn from every little thing that life has to offer. You become more humble and you appreciate things more.

Life at 75 shines with the facets honed by years.