Time  to wear Filipino culture anew

One word is not enough to describe contemporary Filipino fashion.

In its full glory, Filipino fashion encapsulates the country’s vibrant culture, from the Metro’s bustling street tempo to the quaint and traditional silhouettes of the provinces, as well as one’s modern-day experiences and emotions that one can wear.

The PHx Fashion Group celebrated the return of the PHx Fashion Conference this year, along with PHx Station ­— a multi-brand fashion pop-up event that is slated to take place from October 2023 to January 2024.

Led by Esme Palaganas and Seph Bagasao of the independent fashion brand BAGASÁO, with the support of Trickie Lopa, the co-founder of Art Fair Philippines, PHx Fashion Group is more than prepared and excited to help aspiring fashion designers introduce their brand to a broader audience.

With two projects finally coming to fruition after years of online discourses and thorough research while the world was taking a pause during the pandemic, PHx Fashion Group is coming back to show that top-notch Filipino fashion is within reach.


Theory to practice

Taking the first step is always the hardest and most intimidating. For designers, the looming questions before taking the first step are: “What is your story?” and “How will you create and introduce your brand to a global audience?”

PHx Fashion Conference, a three-day event, will serve as a point of arrival and take-off for young and emerging Filipino designers where they learn from experienced and renowned creatives, showcase what they have learned and absorbed, and finally take off and turn theory into practice.

The conference will be a valuable learning experience, giving designers the first step to operate their businesses while adhering to the global standard and having the platform to share their stories through fashion.

Philippe Terrien and Giselle Go of TFC Press and Norman René De Vera, design and image director of AZ Factory, will be the key speakers of the conference, providing insightful commentary after years of being in the industry as they have worked with multiple global and luxury brands.

There will also be a series of mentorship sessions, varying from quality control to pricing, that will prepare designers to put their designs on the market.


Celebration of Filipino fashion

Meanwhile, PHx Fashion, the three-month-long pop-up market event, will be an avenue that connects designers and the public to the world of Filipino fashion in a more accessible, interactive and immersive way.

Without sticking to a specific theme or catering to a select audience this year, the market event will amplify Filipino voices in the fashion world while also allowing customers to access exquisite, world-class Filipino fashion and statement pieces.

The brands that will participate in the much-awaited pop-up event include Aire, Apara, BAGASÁO, Idyllic Summers, Le Ngok and NOVEL, among many more.

Carla Zhang, the founder of fashion label Le Ngok, told the DAILY TRIBUNE that her brand›s story would revolve around being a “ready-to-wear clothing that is stretchable, experimental and leaning towards sustainability.”

PHx Fashion Conference will take place from 17 to 19 November, while PHx Station will kick off in Greenbelt 5 starting 20 October until 15 January 2024.