The coat that feels like a hug

This year, Teddy turns 10.

Who, you might ask, is Teddy?

Teddy is the “It Coat” of Max Mara. Made of 100 percent pure camel hair, the iconic coat has transcended time and trends. “It’s a ‘first love’ coat – you see it, you buy it, you keep it forever,” someone said of this must-have at the recent celebration of the coat’s 10th anniversary.

Max Mara, a brand of quiet luxury, has its Fall/Winter collection’s key pieces tastefully displayed at its Greenbelt 5 store.

Other colors in the collection — like sand and gray — are made of alpaca and wool. The reason for this, the brand explains, is that if they use camel hair for a color like sand, the result would not be pure.

This standout fall/winter piece has a silk lining, which makes the coat lighter than it looks. The coat material, soft and fluffy, feels much like a teddy bear. To achieve this effect, they wash the fabric in a special way.

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“It feels like a hug,” might as well be the cocoon-shaped, oversized, double-breasted Teddy Coat’s mantra.

The coat is a great choice for travel. It doesn’t get wrinkled; it’s light; and it can be squeezed in one’s luggage but it won’t lose its shape.

The Teddy is one of Max Mara’s iconic coats, which are always produced every year.

THE colors in the collection — like sand and gray —are made of alpaca and wool.

Another is the “perfect wrap coat” — the more feminine Manuela, also made with 100-percent camel hair. This one is sleeker, the fabric’s zibeline texture giving it a different feel. Notice the visible Max Mara stitching, also seen in their pure cashmere iconic coat, that distinguishes the brand from others.

The brand’s “art icon” is the Madame, or 101821, the only one which comes with its own hanger and personalized dust bag. With buttons made of real horn, and the “beaver”-like material made of cashmere and wool, this coat is said to be “the best-known Max Mara piece in the world, an icon of modern, contemporary design.”

Max Mara, a quiet luxury brand, has its Fall/Winter collection’s key pieces tastefully displayed at its Greenbelt 5 store.

This coat, designed with “precise proportions,” has a special lining that is stitched with a label bearing a history of the coat. It reveals the designer Anne-Marie Beretta’s first sketch of the design in 1981. Until today, the coat has remained a classic, with only the addition of a belt in the latest release.

All Max Mara coats are made in Italy.