Jeweler G Young’s hard labor pays off  in hit trunk show

Last 12 October, the Cebu-based Vero Fine Jewellery brand presented its latest collection in a trunk show, titled Meet Me Thursday, held at the Rizal Room of the Manila House Private Members Club in Bonifacio Global City. The impressive guest list was led by the United Kingdom Ambassador Laure Beaufils and Singapore Ambassador Constance See.

Vero’s founder and owner Gladys “G” Young spoke with DAILY TRIBUNE a week earlier about how she singlehandedly designed and personally supervised the making of each piece of jewelry in the collection, numbering at least 31.

“Remember we were stuck for two years during the pandemic,” she said on how she found the time for her singular task. Then she had a spinal injury and decided to slow down. “So last-minute ’to because sabi ko, I needed to prioritize my health. I worked on the floor. Sometimes I’d hang myself on the bed when I’m working because I can’t sit or stand for a long time.”

Vero Fine Jewellery founder and owner G Young with daughter Chloe Young.

Finally, Young saw the fruit of her hard labor unravel at Meet Me Thursday, which was her sixth in Manila since she set up Vero — meaning “genuine” in the Italian language — in 2004. She was delighted to see many of her loyal clients and some new ones.

Thus, her advice to those starting a personal collection: “Start investing in jewelry maybe in your 20s. I suggest get a piece that resonates with you, parang you can mark your milestone. Let’s say you achieved something, you gift yourself with that, and then you’ll remember that.

G Young with UK Ambassador Laure Beaufils.

“Gold is a good place to start. You can get classics later on. I suggest start with something that speaks your personality. The classics will always be there. You can buy it everywhere in the world. Just choose a design you like and make it one-of-a-kind. You’ll never get an exact one.”

Young herself started filling her own box of gemstones after inheriting some pieces from her grandmother and then her mother. She eventually took up interior design and practiced her profession for some time, but she ultimately followed her calling in the jewelry business. She now hopes her daughter Chloe, who just started college, to follow her lead.

With guests (from left) Gab Stampa, Maite Ortoll, Alexia Stampa and Melo Esguerra.

“I see myself the next few years doing the same thing,” she exclaimed. “Kasi, di ba, the passion is so strong. Iba talaga if you love what you’re doing.”

Check out her design through Instagram with the handle, verofinejewellery.