Take control  of your space

TROFAST is a good storage for toys.


BRIMNES bed frame with storage and headboard.


KALLAX cabinet.


A funny thing about decluttering is that it never seemed to end.

One day, everything was spotless. The next day, clutter fills up your space. It becomes too bothersome to organize.

Filipino culture is high on maximalism. Sentimentality has become a common theme in Filipino homes as we keep souvenirs, photographs or any items we value close to our hearts instead of throwing them away.

At the same time, Filipinos lean towards space-saving and multi-purpose furniture. Storage items that can be used in multiple ways are a definite must-have in a Filipino household.

Ikea celebrates the concept of “organized mess” through its innovative and minimalist storage pieces. The Scandinavian company aims to integrate modern yet ingenious solutions to your humble abode while maximizing space as possible.


Efficient storage solutions

Ikea Philippines is committed to elevating your space through seamless and efficient storage products, from sturdy drawers, bookshelves to an array of high-quality organizers that will keep your place tidy yet showcase your unique personality — whether you’re into traditional furniture or trendy art pieces.

“Make use of the height, width and depth of your room,” said Ikea Philippines interior designer Judith Magno, adding that we should utilize and maximize different parts of your room, so your essentials don’t get misplaced.


Organizing becomes exciting

Organizing your space does not have to be stressful and taxing.

Ikea offers innovative space-saving solutions, accommodating Filipino families and different household sizes without breaking the bank.

As we celebrate personal milestones and keep more memories in the second half of the year, Ikea continues to be a part of our momentous events through exciting deals and offers happening this July.

Among these are big discounts and exciting perks and offers exclusive to Ikea Family Festival members: 50-percent off on select storage items and more until 9 July; P77 on delicious bistro and cafe treats starting 7 July; and P170 off on Mober delivery rates for the entire month of July, and more.

Ikea also extends its reach through online planning services, ensuring that customers can treat themselves and buy their favorite furniture and storage products without the hassle of going out.