Tagaytay welcomes new Kapampangan resto

The restaurant’s name, Binulo, is inspired by the traditional way of cooking food inside a fresh bamboo stalk called bulo. This kind of cooking came from the indigenous Aetas, who are presently living in various resettlement areas in Pampanga. They would cook and serve food in bamboo, removing the need for pots and to enable greater mobility when traversing through mountains.

In 2011, Maricar Miranda established the first Binulo restaurant in Clark, offering heirloom recipes specializing in authentic Kapampangan dishes. Travelers from nearby towns and even from Manila would visit Binulo to enjoy its wide selection of dishes.

Young entrepreneur Augustine Roa and District 8 Cavite Representative Aniela Tolentino were often drive to Clark only to eat at Binulo. Eventually, Roa and Tolentino swere able to convince Miranda to partner with them and open a branch in Tagaytay.

“We were able to convince her. We brought her to Tagaytay to show her the potential of the restaurant. The population here, especially the tourists, doubles during the weekend. The exposure is much better because everyone passes here in Tagaytay,” Tolentino said in an exclusive interview with DAILY TRIBUNE during the grand opening of Binulo Tagaytay.

The restaurant is conveniently located before the Tagaytay Ridge commercial area. Binulo is a quiet and peaceful place surrounded by lush greenery.

“The head chef of Maricar in Pampanga is here,” said Tolentino. “He will be in Tagaytay until everything is in order. The kitchen staff from Pampanga also live here to replicate the service and food from Pampanga.”

She added that most of the ingredients in Tagaytay come from Pampanga.

Kapampangan favorites

Pititian is Pampanga’s version of chicharon paired with vinegar and atsara.

Traditionally made without mayonnaise and definitely no egg is Sisig Capampangan, a culinary invention of the Pampangeños.

To give the most indulgent version of Kare-Kare, Binulo recipe combines rich, savory peanut sauce with tender oxtail.

Perfect for the cold Tagaytay weather is the light and refreshing Bulanglang, the Kapampangan’s version of Sinigang sa Bayabas. It’s a timeless Filipino soup made with pork, shrimp or milkfish and seasoned with fresh guava.

A special meat roll stuffed with ground pork, chorizo de Bilbao and queso drizzled with special sauce is the bestselling Murcon Capampangan.

What makes Paco Salad one of the bestselling items on the menu is the secret pink dressing perfect with kamaro (deep-fried crickets) and batute (deep-fried stuffed frog).

“My favorite dish is the Paco Salad with its pink dressing. It is not possible to say how it becomes pink but, eventually, you will know once you taste it,” Tolentino said.