BLACKPINK Rosé Curse strikes again

The “BLACKPINK Rosé Curse” has become a popular notion on social media. The supposed curse is that any time Rosé of BLACKPINK takes a picture with a person in a relationship, the couple will eventually break up.

The idea first surfaced in 2021 and shows no signs of abating, especially in light of the breakup of yet another power couple, Rose’s best friend Hyeri and Reply 1988 star Ryu Jun Yeol, who recently ended their six-year relationship.

Even her closest friends are apparently not above being affected by the Rosé Curse.

Earlier, Ahn Bo Hyun and BLACKPINK member Jisoo also parted ways after months of dating.

Rosé had shared a photo on Instagram taken on set with Jisoo and Hyeri, so fans are scratching their heads over the timing and run of breakups.

The curse is seemingly not limited to mere acquaintances but also extends to A-list celebrities. In September 2021, supermodel Gigi Hadid shared a photo with Rosé at the Met Gala. Shortly after, she announced her split from singer Zayn Malik.

Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri.(photograph courtesy of soompi)

Following the publication of their photos with the K-pop sensation, actress Florence Pugh, model Kendall Jenner, TikTok star Bella Poarch and even music icon Taylor Swift were all similarly plagued with breakup problems.

The “Rosé Curse” may have started out as an inside joke among BLACKPINK fans in 2021, but it has stuck around ever since, and coincidences surrounding celebrity breakups that are somehow linked to Rosé continue to captivate the curiosity of fans worldwide.