‘Surreal’: SB19 Justin announces solo debut for real

SB19’S Justin | photograph courtesy of x/jah447798

SB19’s Justin De Dios surprised fans with the announcement of his solo debut.

The singer-songwriter posted a trailer video for his upcoming single “Surreal” on 22 February across his social media accounts, making fans thrilled for the highly anticipated track.

“When one sees light with eyes closed, then your heart has found its purpose,” De Dios captioned with an accompanying cinematic trailer where the singer was wandering alone in a forest.

Prior to making the announcing on “Surreal,” De Dios got his fans swooning over his cover of the popular Maroon 5 song “Sunday Morning,” which garnered over 500,000 views on YouTube.

With the upcoming release of his single, De Dios becomes the fourth member of the five-piece P-pop group to have worked on a solo music project.

His bandmates Pablo, Josh Cullen and Ken (also known as Felip) have their own recordings. Pablo released earlier this year two singles, “Determinado” and “AKALA,” along with his brother and fellow artist Josue. Back in 2023, Cullen came up with the singles “GET RIGHT,” “WILD TONIGHT” and “Sino Ka Ba.” Meanwhile, Felip has been putting out solo music since 2021, starting with “Palayo.” Only Stell has yet to release a single.

Aside from releasing his solo music this 2024, De Dios has also dabbled in acting. In January, he made his debut in the hit youth-oriented series Senior High. Snippets from his brief appearance on the show then made rounds on social media.

The 25-year-old singer also acts as the phenomenal P-pop group’s creative director, having directed some of their popular hits, including “What?,” “Hanggang Sa Huli” and “WYAT?”

De Dios’ “Surreal” single will be available for major streaming platforms beginning midnight of 29 February, Philippine time.