Kindness loop

SM scholar and Saint Louis University alum Angela Sibayan. | Photograph courtesy of SM

Angela Sibayan was at a crossroads after her mother’s sudden passing during her final year in high school. She was then leaning towards making the “practical” decision of discontinuing her education as they only had enough from his father’s senior citizen pension.

Fueled by the love and support of her father, Angela persevered through the application process with just ten days before the qualifying exam.

“I firmly believe that opportunities rarely knock at a person’s doorstep twice. Regardless of the obstacles and hardships we face, it’s crucial to give our best effort with the resources at hand. Through the application process, I’ve come to understand that no matter the circumstances, determination and perseverance can propel us towards our life goals.”

The scholarship formed a launchpad where her dreams of developing her skills and improving their life will take off.

With the financial weight off her shoulders and love for learning, she freely explored and experienced what college has to offer — from leading school organizations, joining an internship at an international Information and Communications Technology company, and presenting their research in Thailand to graduating with an award.

“Because of the benefits of the scholarship, I was able to fully appreciate and explore every course and lesson taught in our program. It pushed me to persevere academically and improve other aspects of my personal life such as interpersonal, communication, leadership, and organizational skills,” she said.