Stress affects all

You have heard this before. But what exactly is stress? Why does this stress affect every bodily function? When we are stressed, the body releases stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol among others.  This happens in response to our reaction towards the stressful situation. Stress requires an appropriate response fight or flight. Instead of choosing either one, why not decide to transcend it by remaining calm. How we react determines the state of our blood pressure, hormones and, yes, even cholesterol and sugar levels!

Believe it or not. Let me put it simply. A perfectly healthy individual will suddenly have a poor health profile if this same person reacts to stress with panic and desperation. Stress will definitely send you to the emergency room if you do not learn how to control your stress response. The downside of this is: repeated and constant stress like the little things that may irritate you daily no matter how trivial they may seem are the ones that will become the cause of your illness. And all this time you thought you could just simply dismiss them as trivial. Now you know.

Eroding the spirit

Psychologists and neuroscientists say the same thing — guard your spirit, protect your heart, manage your thoughts and control your emotion. The truth is, the unseen part of who you are (your thoughts and emotions) can wreak havoc on your health. This is because of the mind-body connection.

If we are mindful of this unbreakable connection, then harmony becomes our ultimate goal. This harmony will create the balance we all seek. Thus, optimum health.

Seeking harmony

  • Learn how to meditate. There are many available online courses on meditation. Choose the one that suits your needs.
  • Listen to calming music.
  • Be close to nature. Embrace the great outdoors.
  • Pray.
  • Be with like-minded individuals who will uplift you.
  • Exercise. Choose mind-body exercises like yoga, tai chi or qigong.
  • Choose happiness, not sadness.


Affirmation: “I know better. And I will do better.”

Love and Light!