Ideal home of the ‘good guy’

For Korean superstar Lee Min-ho, the idea of having a wonderful home is as important as choosing the right people to work with in order to fulfill it.

The Pachinko actor was recently in the country for the 65th anniversary of SM Development Corporation, a local land developer of which he is an ambassador.

“Of course, being able to have a wonderful home is important. That is why we must work with people who are trusted to do this. Every single person creates a dream home — how they fill their homes with different stories, different pulse…” he said.

For his dream home, Min-ho prefers “a tree house in a place with no people around.” He added that “there should be no other house around it, just nature.”

When it comes to aesthetics, Min-ho prefers a home that does not have a lot of appliances and decorations. He said, “I’m kind of preferring minimalist homes. Some people, they really feel comfort and safety whenever there are a lot of appliances at home. But, of course, this differs from one person to another.”

This is how we see a person truly is, Min-ho adds. “The most personal home is the best type of home. We can use this as a mirror to identify what type of a person that specific person is. That is why even though we have very similar or same structures in the different homes that we have, it can differ from how the person decorates it or how the person lives inside it.”

When asked for his must-have home items, he said “Double King size! I think a sofa is very important because it allows to create a space where people can gather and do a lot of things. And, lastly, I think a microwave or oven would be really important, too.”

While he prefers to be alone at times, Min-ho would love to have his dog Choco by his side at home.

“For me, having Choco at home is very important because I personally think at home, you need to feel the warmth of the home and for that to happen, some being or someone that can make you feel loved is very important. That for me is my dog,” he said.