Signature comfort and support

There’s an age-old adage that reminds of the simplest yet most profound truth: “A good night’s sleep is the best doctor.”

But is a good mattress enough to improve sleep?

A research, as reported by, suggests that “sleeping on a medium-firm mattress, especially one with adjustable firmness, promotes comfort, proper spinal alignment and quality sleep.”

Dunlopillo has six distinct collections of mattresses.

In general, it adds that a mattress should also support the “healthy curvature of your spine, shouldn’t cause you to get too warm and should fit your budget and other needs.”

Since its inception in the 1930s, Dunlopillo has taken this timeless wisdom to heart. Just recently, Dunlopillo Suites opened in the Philippines, bringing its signature comfort and support to Filipinos.

Dunlopillo mattresses are produced using 100-percent natural latex foam which are free from harmful substances and are naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. The natural latex foam provides superior resilience and air ventilation, providing a refreshing night’s sleep even during the sweltering summer months.

“We are excited and pleased to open Dunlopillo Suites and introduce more of our products to Filipinos. We look forward to becoming an integral part of the Filipino homes, helping individuals and families experience the unparalleled comfort that Dunlopillo is known for,” Borja Solans, president of Dunlopillo Holdings, said.

The mattresses’ wide range of firmness and support preserve the alignment of the spine and neck.

The mattresses’ wide range of firmness and support preserve the alignment of the spine and neck, effectively mitigating back pain and other sleep-related discomforts as well as promoting better sleep quality all while ensuring perfect sleeping posture.

To date, Dunlopillo has six distinct collections of mattresses, each with its own unique features and innovations: Talasilver Wave collection introduces a truly unique silver-infused foam renowned for its exceptional tensile strength and breathability; Cool Silk collections feature high-quality silk eco-fibers and knitted antimicrobial textiles, engineered for precise spine alignment; NormaBlock collection showcases Pikoli’s exclusive technology, the Unique Total Heat Tempered spring system, which ensures optimal elasticity, total resilience and long-lasting durability for your mattress.

In terms of superior support for a rejuvenating night’s rest, the Comfort Touch collection is perfect, offering an array of mattresses touched by cutting-edge technology and premium materials while the Classic collection embodies timeless comfort. Last is the Dr. Back collection, meticulously designed to specifically support spinal alignment and alleviate back pain.

Ital Design Furniture Depot, a leading furniture retailer, has been the authorized distributor of Dunlopillo in the Philippines since 2003.