Shaira’s ‘Selos’ taken down from streaming platforms


Shaira’s viral song “Selos,” which first trended on TikTok, has been taken down from different online streaming platforms. This is according to the agency representing the singer known for Bangsamoro pop, AHS Productions, on Tuesday, 19 March.

In a Facebook post, the production company expressed its gratitude for the support given by the fans and that they are taking measures to secure a cover license for “Selos.”

“This is a voluntary act on our end as we are still making arrangements with regard to the legality of the publication of the song. We have chosen to take it down from all platforms pending our agreement with the original artist’s management on securing a cover license for ‘Selos,’” the post stated.

AHS Productions added that it’s already in contact with the original song’s singer Lenka’s camp to make “Selos” an official cover of her recorded work.

Due to the unexpected viewership of the song, Shaira has been dubbed the “Queen of the Bangsamoro Pop.”

The opinions of Filipino netizens regarding the song takedown have been divided, with some expressing their dismay as they swarmed the Instagram account of the Aussie-based singer.

“We only know this artist because of Shaira’s parody song,” one Instagram user commented.

Another one pointed out, “Stan Lenka and her iconic song! NO to plagiarism and intellectual copyright theft!”

AHS Production teased in the comment section that the “Queen of Bangsamoro Pop” will be back with original music soon.

Before the song’s rise to popularity, many netizens had already called out Shaira due to the heavy similarity of the beat of the Bangsamoro song “Selos” with Lenka’s 2009 tune “Trouble is a Friend.”

Despite being removed from the streaming sites, the music video of “Selos” remains posted on YouTube. Shaira’s catchy song, which was released on 2 December 2023, has made 10.3 million views as of writing.