Luke Condo, Rain Matienzo star in CBN Asia’s Holy Week special, ‘Tugon’

RAIN Matienzo and Luke Condo in ‘Tugon.’ | PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CBN ASIA

CBN Asia will once again captivate audiences with its much-anticipated Holy Week special, Tanikala Presents: Tugon, airing this Good Friday, 29 March, at 5:30 p.m. on GMA.

Starring Luke Conde and Rain Matienzo, Tugon tells the story of real-life couple, Nolo and Jasmine Lopez, who met online and found love and healing in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Luke plays Nolo, a young man scarred by childhood abuse and struggles to reconcile his faith in God. As a man with big dreams like Nolo, Luke reveals that he felt a deep connection to his role when his career was put to a halt during the pandemic.

“I wanted my career as an actor to continue. I had work with my previous network but because of the pandemic, I somehow lost my chance to continue that dream,” Luke recalled.

He continued, “Actually, when we were shooting this special, that feeling I had during the pandemic came back to me. It was like a rewind of what I experienced during that time.

Meanwhile, Rain breathes life into the character of Jasmine, who is haunted by her past traumas and the pressures of being a breadwinner. Despite their differing personalities, the actress sees herself in Jasmine, appreciating their shared courage in facing life’s challenges.

“I can relate to her fighting spirit. I am a fighter in my own way, but with Jasmine, you see it in her steadfastness. I am inspired by how she does it,” Rain shared.

Drawn together by a TikTok video, their characters find solace in music and faith. However, Nolo’s dark past resurfaces, testing their bond, while Jasmine confronts her fears about the future.

Tugon is directed by Timmy Yee and written by Seth Blanco and Shekinah Gram.

“Viewers can learn so many lessons in this film. One of them is the art of waiting for the right person,” the telecine’s director said. “It proves that love isn’t bound by unplanned circumstances. It proves that even in uncertain times, love can be victorious.”

See how their story unfolds. Watch CBN Asia’s Holy Week special, Tugon, on Good Friday, 29 March, at 5:30 p.m. on GMA.