Sarah Lahbati on co-parenting kids with Richard Gutierrez

Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez | photograph courtesy of ig/richardgutz

Sarah Lahbati remains guarded when talking about Richard Gutierrez since they were rumored to have separated in late 2023.

In her recent interview with TV5’s entertainment reporter MJ Marfori, the actress only said she and her estranged husband are still not talking, though they have agreed to a co-parenting setup with their children Zion, 10, and Kai, who turns six this 21 March.

Sarah lamented that the co-parenting setup takes work for the kids, explaining, “They’re growing up so fast, you know it’s not easy on any child but I’m here for them, and they’re better.”

The couple, who’ve been rumored to be separated since late 2023, have two sons.

On the other hand, she laughed off other issues surrounding her, especially being called the “Patron Saint of Waldas (Wastefulness).”

Natutuwa ako sa tumatawag sa akin ng Patron Saint of Waldas, as in natatawa ako. Every day may comment about it, so sinakyan ko nang konti naman (I’m amused when somebody calls me Patron Saint of Waldas, as in I laugh. Every day, there’s a comment about it, I lap it up a bit).”

Sarah also belied that allegation, pointing out, “In reality, I’m very proud to say that I’m good at saving, I’m good at finances, I’m working hard to provide for my children and for myself and my parents.”

Last December, Sarah’s mother-in-law, Annabelle Rama, said that Richard has been busy working while Sarah is just “nagwawaldas” (wasting money). Annabelle also revealed her son has been staying with her for some time. A month later, Sarah and Richard unfollowed each other on Instagram, signifying their separation from each other.