Rub your hands

What is the bottom line? There is scientific evidence that rubbing your hands has health benefits. Every time you rub your hands, it is equivalent to a hand massage. 

The result: Reduction of anxiety, the easing of pain and the increase of hand flexibility. There’s more. Nerve endings in your hands are linked to every part of your body. 

Self- massage daily can reduce muscle tension and control carpal tunnel syndrome.

What are its benefits?

•Better sleep

•Pain reduction (including arthritic pain in the hands)


•Improvement of mood

•Less painful headaches

Note: Combined with a weekly full-body massage, stress levels and blood pressure are lowered. 

Massage upwards from wrist to elbow and up the arms toward your forearms.

Self- massage tips:

Equipment needed:None

Materials needed:Virgin coconut oil, essential oils like lavender and peppermint. Recommended brand is Doterra. 

Duration of massage: 10 to 15 minutes daily

Best time for a hand massage: Anytime you feel tired or before bedtime. 

Type of pressure:Mild


1. Find a comfortable corner of your house. Place a table in front of you where you can rest your hands. 

2.Apply heat to your hands and arms. Place a small towel in a basin of hot water. Squeeze the water out. Tap your arms and hands for two minutes. 

3.Massage upwards from wrist to elbow and up the arms toward your forearms. Try a light, squeezing motion. 

4.Use your palm flat on your other hand and rub back and forth up to your fingertips.

5.You may also do a pressing motion on the fingers from the base to the tips. 

6. Wrap your hand around the wrist and rub back and forth. 

7. Form circles of pressure on your hands moving upward towards the arm. 

8.Turn your hand upward and start rubbing your inner palms. 

9.Rest the hands for one hour before washing them.

10.Inhale, exhale slowly as you are doing the self-massage.

Affirmation: “My hands hold the key to my inner bliss.”

Love and Light.