Real estate program offers flexi home options

Buying your very own home is a big financial commitment. Newlyweds and those building their families, however, gravitate towards condominium living.

According to a 2021 survey, Filipino homebuyers prefer to live in properties within walking distance of work or a public transport hub. This is followed by close distance to restaurants and retail amenities. Most condominiums are located near central business districts, major roads, schools, medical clinics and malls to cater to the needs of family members. This ease of access provides daily peace of mind. 

Residential condominiums by DMCI Homes are designed to give just that, with lush greenery and fresh air within buildings thanks to the developers’ Lumiventt technology that lets residents breathe and unwind. Open fields, playgrounds and swimming pools create endless possibilities for children to run free and make friends.

These residential properties are home to vibrant communities that enrich the family life of its residents. DMCI Homes property managers actively foster tight-knit communities by organizing kiddie activities and community gatherings for residents. 

DMCI Homes’ HomeReady program gives flexible options for Filipinos to acquire their first home. Couples looking for a home can move into a unit under a two-year rental agreement and are later given the option to buy the property by settling a downpayment worth 10 percent of the unit’s price. Should they decide to buy that unit, up to 60 percent of rental fees paid in the past two years will be credited as part of the downpayment. Tenants are also accorded price protection as the unit will be sold to them at the price quoted at the beginning of their lease contract and not by the market value two years later. 

With DMCI Homes, families have several options to nurture a comfortable and nurturing home life while managing their finances. Friendly communities across DMCI Homes properties enhance the experience of families, making condo living a pleasant and fulfilling experience for all.

PAULINE SONGCO @tribunephl_pau