Premium cinema gets gourmet upgrade

Newport World Resorts plays host to a bold crossover between cinematic universe and gourmet culinary adventure. In collaboration with the Garden Wing Cafe, Newport Cinemas expands the world of classic movie snacks into a star-studded menu as the first-ever and only cinema snackbar in the Philippines to feature deluxe pastries and sandwiches.

COMFY seats.

Escape across the world of film while feeling right at home with comfortable, high-quality seats and a handful of delectable delights. The upgraded cinema snackbar includes an array of sandwiches from the Classic Club, the flavorful Cuban panini and an indulgent meat-loaded tortilla, to other hearty bites such as creamy cheese rolls and baked pink salmon quiches.

Satisfy sweet tooth cravings with a variety of decadent desserts, like their signature eclairs in strawberry, pistachio and dark chocolate. Daredevils can enjoy thrilling choices such as cookies and cream, and dulce de leche while enjoying high-octane action scenes on the big screen.

DE Luxe refreshments.

Now that Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is showing at Newport Cinemas, discover the best movie-watching snack pairing beyond the ordinary. Add the all-time favorite fudge brownie to the list or more from the snackbar’s assortment of baked goods that come in unique flavors such as red velvet, white chocolate, cheesecake marble, and zesty options from strawberry to blueberry swirls.

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