Philippine -made coffee with coconut sugar now available overseas

Starkaffea Corporation has taken its first leap in global expansion.

Filipinos in the United States may now access their favorite healthier drinks, Kaffea and Chocolea, through Kaffea Gold USA, the exclusive distributor of Starkaffea in the US.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kaffea Gold USA is at 969-G Edgewater Blvd. No. 750, Foster City, California. Filipinos can easily order online via or through email address [email protected] and telephone 650-262-1610. Kaffea and Chocolea are also available in Patio Filipino, Auntie Em’s Pastries and Lingnam Restaurant, partners of Kaffea Gold USA.

Starkaffea is a small-scale enterprise providing signature coffee and chocolate drinks from the Philippines. It is dedicated to making a positive impact on the economy by fostering collaborations with local farmers and embracing sustainable practices while serving delectable and health-conscious beverages to its valued customers.

This move is in response to the growing demand of the Filipino communities in the US. According to Starkaffea, Filipino consumers, including those from the US, have become increasingly more conscious of their health and wellness. Interest in the usage of coconut sugar has soared. Coconut sugar production uses the natural heat evaporation process to transform the coconut’s liquid sap into sugar granules. Its coconut sap sugar’s glycemic index is only 35, which meant that it would only yield a small increase in the blood glucose level. Coconut sugar is said to help regulate blood pressure and is rich in calcium and in potassium.


Starkaffea sources its main ingredients, including coconut sugar, cocoa and coffee beans from Mindanao. Kaffea, its flagship coffee drink, boasts of a rich blend of ingredients, including regulated coffee content, non-dairy creamer, agaricus mushroom, collagen, COQ10, gano derma, grape seed extract, glutathione and L-carnitine. Its Chocolea-fortified chocolate drink is enriched with vitamins A, C and E, calcium, iron with iodized salt, non-dairy creamer and cocoa powder. These carefully selected components reflect the brand’s commitment towards offering indulgent and beneficial beverage options.

Starkaffea has also expanded its area under the Fiesta Corner project in the Duty Free Philippines Corporation. The partnership between Starkaffea and DFPC aims to enhance the shopping experience for international travelers while promoting and supporting local businesses.

“We are excited to have Starkaffea showcasing its premium coffee and chocolate drinks at Fiestamall,” said Vicente Pelagio A. Angala, chief operating officer of DFPC. “This collaboration not only enhances our ‘Fiesta Corner’ project but also signifies our continued support for the Department of Trade and Industry’s ‘Go Lokal’ campaign.”

To ensure an unparalleled culinary experience, Starkaffea has collaborated with chef Shanen Ditan, in creating an exclusive selection of health-conscious yet flavorful concoctions that will be showcased exclusively at the Duty Free Fiestamall. Starkaffea is introducing a wider range of pastries infused with its signature flavors, including cookies with walnuts, crinkles, banana muffins and special cakes, all featuring a dash of Kaffea and Chocolea.