Paolo Sandejas, Martti Franca grapple with a ‘situationship’ in ‘Someone New’

“Someone New,” the new song by Paolo Sandejas featuring Martti Franca, is as a poignant reflection on the blurred lines of a so-called “situationship,” where the narrator longs for more despite knowing the relationship’s casual nature.

The song’s lyrics, evocative melody and
soul-stirring vocals lets listeners feel the desperation of holding on, even when the knowledge of an impending end looms and when everything is undefined and unsure.

“Ultimately, the song encapsulates the universal experience of yearning for more in a relationship knowing it could only be a matter of time till they find someone new,” Sandejas said.

Sandejas is one of the chosen OPM acts for Spotify PH’s RADAR Artists of 2023 after dropping his BLOOM EP earlier this year. “Someone New” is now available on all streaming platforms.