Paint your nails with new, long-lasting gel polish

Every woman deserves to have nicely manicured nails that last a long time. Bobbie Nails Gel Polish is a long-lasting nail polish that can withstand almost anything, such as washing the dishes, preparing food or typing on the keyboard the whole day. It’s the ideal product for ladies looking for polish that could last for days, even weeks.

The gel polish line comes in a wide array of colors that suit any occasion. Bobbie Nails recently released 12 new Gel Polish shades ranging from nude to vibrant jewel tones.

For those looking for nude gel polish that can match any outfit, Validate is a light brown shade that can mimic one’s natural nail color, while Glowing is a similar shade that adds a bit of shimmer. They can also go for a deep brown color like Solitude. For a little color that still looks fresh, they can try Blooming, a dusty rose-pink shade and Affirmation, a bright peachy hue.

Experiment with more vibrant nail colors with shades like Gratitude, a forest green; Positivity, an ocean blue; and Confidence, a burnt red. For an edgier look, they can swipe on shades Optimistic, a deep cobalt; Nirvana, a basic plum shade; Manifest, a deep maroon-red; and Unashamed, a glittery maroon polish.

Gel polish application

There’s no need to go to the salon to get the nails done. Women can apply the gel nail polish in the comfort of their own homes by following these easy steps:

1.     Buff and file clean nails to prep for the gel polish application.

2.     Apply Bobbie Nails Gel Polish Nail Primer to remove oil residue.

3.     Apply Bobbie Nails Gel Polish Base Coat and cure under UV light for at least 30 seconds.

4.     Apply a thin coat of the gel polish and cure for 60 seconds (It’s recommended to apply two to three layers for better opacity).

5.     Seal in the color with the high-shine top coat and cure for 30 seconds.