From the same team of talented master bakers who made Masa Madre Bakehouse a legend despite its youth comes Fabrique Bread Factory.

Photographs courtesy of Fabrique
Assorted laminated breads.

Located at Public Eatery in Robinsons Magnolia, the French bakery is another brainchild of multi-awarded Kris Edison Tan, a young yet seasoned pastry chef who likes to work wonders with laminated dough, or many thin layers of dough separated by butter or fat produced by repeated folding and rolling of the dough. Laminated dough is often referred to as filo pastry or puff pastry to make the term easier to understand.

Chef Kris Edison Tan.

Having perfected the art of making and using laminated dough, chef Kris is known for his perfectly shaped croissants, which are light and soft with beautiful bubbles that give the bread its airiness on the inside and are thinly crisp and flaky on the outside. Toast it for a few seconds, and the taste and texture are pure magic. Through the years, he has come up with filled and unfilled croissants that never fail to inspire awe. He continues to experiment with laminated dough, particularly on croissants, and has recently been paying much attention on the top layer, creating patterns like diamond shapes and basket weaves and swirls with not just texture but colors and flavors (particularly chocolate), as well.

These have made Masa Madre Bakehouse famous, and these also spawned Fabrique, as chef Kris responded to the clamor for more outlets and more products.

Fabrique (the French term means “handmade” or “handcrafted”) has just formally opened at Robinsons Magnolia on 31 May, as part of Public Eatery, which is the mall’s food hall on the fourth level. Fabrique is a full French bakery, where everything is baked fresh, from the proofing up to the baking of the French laminated breads. All the best-sellers of Masa Madre are available here, and chef Kris and his team have even created certain items that can only be found at Fabrique. These include the Flan Parisienne (rich vanilla custard baked together inside the buttery laminated dough), Matcha Croissant (light green frosting on top in matcha flavor), and Cardabun (Cardamom Kouign Amann with fruity and earthy notes and sugar brulee).

At any time customers visit Fabrique, there will be at least 13 different types of laminated breads, plus shokupan (Japanese milk bread), dinner rolls (soft, fluffy, round bread rolls baked together), sourdough (leavened bread made using a live sourdough starter and naturally rises), and sourdough baguette (sourdough in the form of a baguette), and five kinds of cakes. Open every day from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., with dine-in, takeout, and delivery services.

Knowing that Fabrique is now open, people who know Chef Kris are excited to see what he can do with left to “play in an extra kitchen,” and Chef Kris himself is excited about the possibilities that he has yet to explore.