New pop-up store analyzes thinning and hair loss

Thick and healthy-looking hair is a sign of good health. Studies show that the common hair concerns are thinning and hair loss. This is mostly attributed to stress, which affects diet and hormones, while others point to heat, styling products, pollution and other external factors.

Aveda’s new pop-up store in Greenbelt 5 carries its own advanced hair and scalp analysis technology where customers can find out the best personalized solution for their hair concern with every visit.

Aveda’s hair and scalp analysis technology takes an in-depth view of the condition of one’s scalp, specifically the overall scalp health, hair density and pores. The beauty advisors, known as the scalp expert daymakers, will analyze the results and any scalp imbalance, then provide product recommendations that can address the issue. Customers can test out the recommended products before purchasing.

AVEDA’S hair and scalp analysis technology takes an in-depth view of one’s scalp condition.

The high-performance vegan and cruelty-free haircare brand has developed a wide range of products that can serve as a solution for every hair concern, such as the Botanical RepairTM for damaged hair, NutriplenishTM for dry hair, Color ControlTM for colored hair (the newest Scalp SolutionsTM for scalp care) and the Invati AdvancedTM for hair loss.

Photographs courtesy of Aveda
WITH proper hair care, users won’t have to worry about thinning hair anymore.

“This analysis does what we can’t do on a day-to-day basis,” says Justine Qui, Luxasia Philippines assistant brand manager. “There are so many external factors that contribute to hair loss. At Aveda, we’ve discovered a plant-powered solution that not only prevents further hair loss, but rejuvenates the scalp and thickens the hair’s diameter using biotech natural ingredients. With proper hair care, like using the Invati AdvancedTM three-step system, we never have to worry about thinning hair anymore.”

Aveda products are also available via Lazada and through partner retailers, Zalora and Look stores.