Sanitary protection with care

Local pantyliner brand is taking the lead in reminding women to continue practicing self-care routines.

Freshness and cleanliness within the intimate area should not be overlooked. Clean panties mean lessening the likelihood of harboring odor-causing bacteria. When you’re fresh down under, your confidence goes up a notch.

Managing daily discharge, wetness and foul odors within the vaginal area is easier with Carefree Breathable. It has layers that allow air to circulate freely, control the foul odors and absorb the excess discharge that may cause discomfort — ensuring a lasting clean and fresh panty feel throughout the day. Its cotton softness provides superior comfort for the skin.


Carefree has other variants, such as Carefree Super Dry and Carefree Healthy Fresh.

“We at Carefree aim to empower women in driving relevant conversations on maintaining their intimate areas clean and fresh throughout the day. The goal is to achieve this — one clean panty at a time, with Carefree breathable pantyliners,” brand manager Alex Burgos said.

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