Multi-awarded actor Jiro Manio sells his Urian trophy for P75K

Jiro Manio, who won multiple awards as a child actor— most prominently for “Magnifico”— sold Gawad Urian award trophy to Boss Toyo of Pinoy Pawnstars for P75K.

The Gawad Urian is considered the most prestigious acting award in the country.

Boss Toyo, whose real name is Jayson Luzadas, is collecting awards from various entertainment personalities because he intends to put up a museum of sorts. Luzadas had acquired Salbakuta’s record of the year trophy earlier.

Manio, now 31 years old, initially wanted 500K, although he admits he had no idea what the trophy costs in terms of valuation. He won a slew of awards when he was barely 10 years old for the movie, but has struggled to find his footing as an adult getting involved in substance abuse.

Netizens have agreed that they would have done the same. “Aanhin mo ang trophy?” They said.