Celebrating the ageless Nene Leonor

She’s 91 and still having fun! 

With years and years of achievements attributed to Tita Nene Leonor’s name, I would say the way she lives her life
— with generosity, kindness, free spiritedness and fun — is one of the things I look up to the most. She’s a living proof that your age shouldn’t define how much fun you have. You know what? I think that’s the secret to her ageless beauty. Fun is her fountain of youth!

She truly is my idol, and I’m so honored to have been given the chance to plan her birthday bash this year alongside my BFF, Nini Licaros. We closed off Shangri-La Makati’s Sage Grill for the birthday celebrator and her nearest and dearest. We enjoyed a fantastic meal with a fab table setting, free flowing fine wines and live entertainment from the talented Marcy David Sr. band. Only the best for Tita Nene!

But nothing tops seeing the joy that lit her face up that night. She had a grand time with everyone ‘til the morning. Grateful for Tita Nene for entrusting us with her special day this year, and I can’t wait to create more magical moments with her for the years ahead. 

Cheers to the ageless beauty, Tita Nene Leonor.