Matthew Mendoza says hello to showbiz again

Recovering and dusting off the showbiz mantle he used to wear in the ‘90s, Matthew Mendoza is finding his way back into acting.

Spending almost a decade in his role as a public servant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, had been a great experience for the actor, but he knows he will always belong on the screen.

Showbiz has been Mendoza’s niche ever since, having worked as a commercial model and actor for 18 years, from 1994 up to 2012. His acting career granted him roles that made him a familiar face on Philippine television, in iconic series such as Daisy Siyete, Angelito: Batang Ama and Wildflower.

Winning and securing the top rank in the 2013 elections in Puerto Princesa was an overwhelming and grateful experience for the returning actor. That’s when he decided to take some time off showbiz to be more hands-on in his public servant role.

“It was a very new experience for me and I enjoyed it a lot. I learned many new things and met many wonderful people. I also feel good that I could give back to my city and continue our family legacy of service,” he said.

City Councilor

Mendoza first won as a city councilor of Puerto Princesa in 2013, was re-elected in 2016 and served for a third term in 2019. Concurrently, he was elected by the Philippine Councilors League as the Public Relations Officer for Luzon Island in 2016 and as the Vice President in 2019.

During his tenure, he delved into his humanitarian side, a passion he always wanted to nurture. He chaired various committees, notably focusing on tourism and infrastructure. Mendoza seized the opportunity to assist the Mayor in addressing diverse infrastructure needs for the residents of Puerto Princesa City. He authored crucial legislation addressing various concerns in Puerto Princesa’s main industries.

Consistent with his advocacy even before entering politics, he spearheaded various initiatives for people with special needs. He staunchly advocates inclusivity and has tirelessly sought ways to support them both within and beyond the realm of politics.

The Mendoza family has a long legacy of serving Palawan for generations. His grandfather, Higinio Mendoza Sr., was a Palawan governor and a guerrilla leader during World War 2, his name commemorated along the streets of Puerto Princesa.

His father served as city councilor, vice mayor and Mayor of Puerto Princesa City. Various members of the family have also held significant public offices.

But, although he took some time off, Mendoza never saw himself detached from showbiz.

“I have never really stopped, only slowed down. I find that being open to change and new stuff always helps. My guide is always integrity and empathy. In the entertainment industry, I just wish to entertain people,” he said.

In politics as in showbiz, he counts on his family for solace and strength.

“My emotional support has always been my family. I know they are there to support me in whatever I do and I feel a sense of security because of this. My family is my safe space. And my kids help me a lot with the new changes, they keep me young.”