I want to share!

It’s always an honor to be a part of any event, but even more so for this one. I Want to Share Foundation’s first charity gala gave me another chance to dress up to make a difference. Since 2013, the foundation has been supporting cancer patients by providing funding for tests, medicine, consultations from doctors abroad and transportation for their families.

At the helm is cancer warrior and foundation founder and chairman, Sheila Romero, whose dedication has never wavered — and it shows! The foundation has been non-stop in the pursuit of its mission. This gala was no exception.

Entering Shangri-La the Fort that night was like entering a fairy tale. Over 500 people filled the room, all stars in their own right, whether it be the media and the big screen or the social scene. Over 500 people, all ready to help.

Highlights of the evening included performances and an auction of exquisite art, jewelry and even a Maserati. But the real highlight was the show for the real stars of the night: the children.

Accompanied by a beautiful melody, one by one, the young cancer warriors graced the runway glowing with pride. It helps that they were looking dressed to the nines in fabulous fashions by some of the country’s masters in their craft — Mark Bumgarner, Rajo Laurel, Andrea Tetangco, Martin Bautista and Avel Bacudio. This part of the gala really had my heart! I’m glad they had their special moment. They deserve to shine and be celebrated!

For its first gala, I Want to Share Foundation knocked it out of the park — or should I say runway? From the beautiful program to its roaring impact, it really was a testament to the power of having people come together for a shared purpose. And remember that auction? It’s not every day that you’d see one raise P19 million. What a milestone!

No peso will go to waste, making change possible for several patients as well as the Pediatrics Hematology Oncology Division of the Philippine General Hospital. Can you believe the impact of just one night? To the team behind this gala, you have all my admiration! All your work behind this has finally paid off. Your mission continues, but for now, let’s celebrate.