Keeping the light alive

For the Tantocos of Rustan’s, it has always been about “family, tradition and togetherness” come Christmas time. 

This season, Rustan’s is elevating its commitment with the introduction of “Light Up This Christmas with Rustan’s,” an initiative that focuses on renewal and celebration. 

For over seven decades, Rustan’s has treasured Christmas as a time of hope, light, love and peace. This joy–which Rustan’s aims to share not only with shoppers but with every father, mother, adult and child–is encapsulated and remembered through the sparkle of lights and evergreen trees. It is symbolized by the festive tunes and solemn hymns, as well as the decorations like tinsels, bells, nutcrackers and snowglobes, along with the reds, greens and various ornaments. The cheer of the season points to the magnificent hope brought by the humble birth of Jesus Christ.

Pablo (Left): Black Shirt and Pants both by Knickerbocker, Modern Barong by Randolf, Shoes by Scalpers; Alexia (Right): Headband by Simply Carols, Dress by Fancy Littlle Designs, Shoes by Mini Melissa; Ornaments by Rustan’s Christmas Shop.

Rustan’s reminds everyone of the magic of Christmas with a meaningful and lively celebration. From the return of the anticipated Christmas Shop, to a grand day-long festivity packed with activities and interactive attractions, to bedazzling promos and heart-pumping markdowns, there are many to discover, explore and indulge. 

You are invited to witness this year’s iconic Rustan’s Christmas. Bring your family and friends, and, together, Light Up this Christmas with Rustan’s!