An enchanted evening with the JSSP

Any party with the Johann Strauss Society of the Philippines is sure to blossom into something meaningful yet fun!

We recently got together for an enchanted evening of music, culture and friendship at the South Pacific Night Fellowship Event. Inspired by the beloved book-turned-Broadway musical, the night paid homage to it from the invitation inspired by the musical’s poster, the tropical colors and decor, floral dress code, down to the performances.

Those who showed up in the most authentic and best costumes won a special prize, too — congratulations, Chuck Gueco and Joy Melendres!

But all the fun aside, this is really all about JSSP’s mission to make a significant impact on our local community through art and music. South Pacific Night perfectly captured the enchantment the arts has over us, and the vibrant spirit the organization wishes to share with the community in whatever ways it can. JSSP has extended its support to talented music students and notable initiatives like the Arts for the People Program of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Philippine National Red Cross, and more in the education and arts spaces.

It’s always fulfilling getting together with JSSP members. As you can see, we’re all smiles ‘til midnight! I raise a toast to JSSP, especially its devoted members who are tirelessly contributing their time to keep the organization’s mission alive. I raise my glass to the co-chairs of the event, Marissa Fenton and Lilibeth Campos, and to the entire JSSP. Cheers!