Jeon So Min leaving‘Running Man’ after 6 years

South Korean actress-host Jeon So Min, a member of the iconic South Korean variety show Running Man, has officially bid farewell to the show after an accomplished six-year run. 

Her departure, confirmed by her agency King Kong by Starship, is leaving fans with a mix of emotions as they bid goodbye to one of the show’s cherished members.

Jeon So Min’s final recording session for the long-running variety show is on 30 October. 

Said her agency about her impending departure: “She gave it a lot of thought because she had a lengthy history with the program. Following lengthy negotiations with the production team and cast members, it was concluded that she needed time to rest and recharge in order to display an even better aspect of herself in her future activities, including acting.”

Jeon So Min joined the cast of Running Man in April 2017. She quickly made an impression on both her fellow cast members and viewers with her vibrant personality, quick wit and fearless approach to the show’s challenges, which endeared her to fans.

But after six years, “She just expressed her desire to rest and recharge for future performing endeavors after jogging with us for the past six years, demonstrating her passion and sense of responsibility,” said a representative of the show.

“Despite the fact that both the members and the production crew tried to find a way for Jeon So Min to stay with the show until the very end, we honored her desires and opted for a sad parting.”